Muse Project is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Muse Project
is now a non-profit organization!

Wonderful news!  After months of re-organizing, plenty of paperwork and organizational development, we are proud to announce that Muse Project is poised for a great leap into the future of our community. At Muse Project everything is "abuzz" with the creative impulse.  It's that compulsion we experience as humans, when we want to make life an expression of greater potential.  Our new status as a non-profit organization opens to our greater potential to serve. Read more

~Muse Project catalyzes the evolution of cultural values that liberates the choice of present and future generations to consciously create.~

Ongoing and Upcoming 


The purpose of a death café is to increase awareness of death in order to help people make the most of their finite lives. There is no emphasis on any particular approach to death or belief system, no emphasis on coming to conclusions or taking action; the only emphasis is having an open conversation about death, in a respectful and confidential space.



When communities meditate together in Stillness, Freedom and Quietude, a deep ease and contentment in life permeates the Life we share.  Free meditation classes offered.

Meditations on Freedom
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Our new page, Emerging!
will let you in on what's 'in the works' at Muse Project.  It could be future classes, projects or programs that we're working on to offer our community ways to learn, grow and expand consciousness